Portrait of Akira Ifukube (6/14), on the honored composer's piano in Tokyo, Japan

These are some of my commissioned works, Think about the special painting that you would like. If you can think of it, I can create it! 

I am honored that a reproduction of my graphite portrait of Akira Ifukube (image 2) hangs in the composer's home in Tokyo, Japan. Image six is my latest portrait of the composer as a young man, a gift to his son in Japan, in honor of the the composer's Centennial, May 2014. The original of the first portrait, the Ifukube watercolor portrait, and the Sibelius portraits, are in the home of Erik Homenick, webmaster of the official English language website on the life of Japanese master composer Akira Ifukube, renowned for his Godzilla film scores and his exceptional repertoire of classical works. Click here to see what inspired my first two portraits.

A photo print of the Sibelius watercolor portrait is in Singapore, at the home of Leon Chia, author of Dust of Hue, the most insightful and sensitively-written blog about Sibelius' life and work you will find anywhere. Fascinating reading!

The link at the bottom right of the larger views of the Buddha, Plum Tree, and Autumn Fire paintings will lead you to the beautiful classical works by Akira Ifukube that they were painted for, at Tyler E. Martin's Kinema Sinfonia.

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