Fine Art Studio 111

From the time-consuming and sophisticated art of printmaking, to creatively combining multiple media, to using sticks to paint with, for the inquisitive artist, everything serves to create beautiful art! The total of media used in these artworks is: watercolor, prismacolor, conte-crayon, India ink, newspaper, cloth, printmaking, pencil, acrylic paint and home-made acrylic decals - applied with paint brush, roller, pen and nib, fingers, and sticks from a tree in my backyard. With one exception only (which I subsequently came to love) I have had the time of my life learning them all! That exception? Read about it here.

Did you notice that I did not mention the most humble, yet most essential tool of all?  The "lowly" pencil!  An artist can't live without it. It begins each painting, it follows you everywhere, taking notes and making sketches in the field, it is always forgiving and inspires impromptu creations without fear of failure. But that little pencil that we first learned to write and add with in school, is no wimp when it comes to making fine art!  Take a lookand see what a pencil can do...