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Ihave not mastered submission to these water borne pigments, indeed don't expect to. They have a life of their own. What they have taught me is to accept the unexpected, the key to artistic creativity - and life itself. In reality, you could say that these paintings pretty much painted themselves. How else can you explain that I could not reproduce a single one of them if you asked me. You see, many a brushstroke went "awry" of my intentions, making me change direction on the spot. My first impression of a finished painting is never satisfactory. I have to live with it for a time before I can appreciate what those elusive water pigments have done - and then, I like the painting!

What a marvelous medium are watercolors! Not only are they a great teacher, but the quality of light, color and value they offer are unequaled among the tools available to an artist. Watercolors are my favorite medium precisely because of the challenges they present.

Art  marked "sold" is available as a fine art giclee. Please email me if you are interested in one of these works and I will send you the size and price details.

A few artworks may not reproduce well at the original size. If you can't stand the idea of having your favorite work in a smaller giclee, I will paint another one for you in the same genre.


Fine Art Studio 111